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Association of Personal Computer User GroupsThe genesis of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups came from a series of meetings between representatives from various user groups around the country. Whenever user group officers and directors met, there were continual discussions about the need to improve communications between the groups and to share information such as newsletters, strategies, ideas, etc. As a first step, the presidents from three user groups -- Boston Computer Society, Capital PC User Group, and Houston Area League of PC Users -- organized the First Annual User Group Summit meeting at the 1986 Fall Comdex.

As a result of the feedback from that first Summit meeting and subsequent meetings among user group representatives, the leaders of 15 user groups met in Seattle in October, 1987, and proposed the formation of an association for the purpose of fostering communication among and between user groups. That proposal was presented before 130 representatives from 50 user groups at the Second Annual User Group Summit Meeting in November, 1987, and was unanimously approved.

The concept and operation of APCUG remains true to original intent of those first meetings. Our purpose and reason for being is promotion and assistance to User Groups worldwide.


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KINSEEKERS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY: Meetings are usually held at the Leesburg Public Library. For a complete schedule of programs, special interest groups and special events. Clickhere


We have a long history with Kinseekers, many of our members are Kinseekers.