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All regular meetings are held in Lecture Hall-1.

at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus at times noted below.



November, 2017
02 (Thu) 2:15 pm Anti-Virus Update, Windows 10 Update, a collection of new and important news from Microsoft and the Tech World. Something for everyone (Target Audience: Everyone) Jere Minich Program Director.
16 (Thu) 2:15 pm CCS-Digital - Izzy will talk about Printers. If you have one, come and learn. Where to buy INK don't miss this one. Much information. (Target Audience: Everyone) Izzy Goodman


December, 2017
07 (Thu) 2:15 pm Windows 10 Basic Operations - A few topics about Windows 10. Questions and answers time. How to do almost anything. We will find an answer for you. And you may see it at the meeting. (Target Audience: Everyone) Jere Minich
21 (Thu) 2:15 pm No Meeting - College shutdown - Happy Holidays. Be safe out there. (Target Audience: Everyone)


January, 2018
04 (Thu) 2:15 pm : “If It’s Connected, It Needs to be Protected" All About Security from Bob G. He has a new presentation that covers all devices, Mobil or stationary. Anyone and Every one invited. Bring a Friend. (Target Audience: Everyone) Bob Gostischa
18 (Thu) 2:15 pm Intro to Amazon Alexa Devices & Skills. With over 10,000 Skills available, Amazon Alexa works with many devices to control home and entertainment needs. Don't miss this presentation / demonstration. (Target Audience: Everyone) Larry Fortna
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Photo by Loel Stofan


All regular meetings are held in Lecture Hall-1.

at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus at times noted above.


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